To get Tempera right, we have had to follow a very strict recipe. We started with a very solid framework of over 200 settings, added a very light user interface, threw in a few mobiles and tablets to give it that responsive elasticity, added over 50 fonts, were not satisfied so we poured all the Google fonts into the mix, then scattered 12 widget areas for consistency, dissolved a slider and unlimited columns into a customizable Presentation Page, then mixed it in as well. We then sprinkled all post formats, 8 layouts including magazine and blog, powdered over 40 + social icons and even mixed for extra density into a customizable top bar. We also made it ready for translation and gave it support in RTL language for a certain cultural diversity. Love was the secret ingredient and we could have spilled too much of that. But now Tempera has the right texture and feel and is just what your empty WordPress canvas wants. NEW! Tempera now comes in 16 different flavors with preset color schemes!

key features :

  • RTL support
  • Responsive
  • Morden