How to easily add, edit, and delete categories in WordPress?

If you are having problems with managing the categories in WordPress, this blog is going to be helpful for you.

Categories is an option in WordPress which helps you to maintain the posts. For instance, if your blog is based on news it will be easier for you to sort posts based on categories like sports, national, international, culture, environment, technology, etc.

In this blog, we are going to share how you can add, edit, and delete categories in WordPress.

By default, WordPress has Uncategorized as a default category. You can simply change the default categories from Settings > Writing from the admin panel.

Default Categories in WordPress

Adding new categories in WordPress post

The categories can be added, edited, and deleted through two different methods. You can either add category while adding a new post or you can add from the posts section of the admin panel. So, here the method is described step by step.

Adding from Posts Section of Admin Menu

1. Login to your WordPress website

2. Go to the Admin Dashboard

3. And then, go to Posts > Categories 

4. Write the name of the category

5. Customize your slug(optional), otherwise, default slug will be there.

6. If you want to make this category as a subcategory, select the previous category for the parent, otherwise, leave it.

7. Write some description of the category. ( optional)

8. At last, click on Add New Category to add the category.

9. Finally, a new category is added successfully.

Take this screenshot as reference.

Adding from Posts Section of Admin Menu

This is another easy way to add new categories in WordPress. The appearance of dashboard will look different if you have been using Gutenberg Editor. At first, we will show how to add categories in classic editor.

1. First, go to Admin Dashboard

2. Go to Posts > Add New – See here how to add the post in WordPress.

3. Enter the post title

4. Add the content for the post

5. Set the featured for the post – You can see the featured image option on the bottom right corner.

6. Above the featured image section, you can see the section to maintain the categories.

7. You can select among the available categories, otherwise, Add New Category.

8. After clicking on Add New Category, you will get an option to add the name of the category.

9. Now, click on the Add New Category button to add it

Edit WordPress category

Editing categories in WordPress is as easy as adding new categories. From admin panel, go to Posts > Categories. Hover on the categories you want to edit. An edit option will appear there, click on it and edit the category. The name, slug, description of categories can be edited there, you can also manage parent categories of the post there.

Delete categories in WordPress

To delete the category, go to Posts from Admin panel, then go to Categories. Hover on the categories you want to delete. A delete option will appear there, click on it and the category will be deleted. See the screenshot above for reference.

When you delete the category the post in that category automatically moves to the default category. You can change the default category from Settings > Writing.


Well, now you should be able to edit, delete, or add categories in WordPress. We hope this blog was helpful for you. If you want to checkout more of our tutorials, go to this given link .