How to make a News Website for Free ? (2022)

News is that part of communication that keeps us informed of the changing events, issues, and characters in the world outside. Web has been the fastest and reliable medium of information exchange in today’s world, so nowadays news websites are more preferred than newspapers.

In this blog, we are going to learn how to make a news website and benefits of news website. So, let’s get started.

You can skip to step 7 if you aren’t a beginner.

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1. Benefits of news

Originally, news websites were developed for transferring news among the people, but later on, it was used for commercial purposes and start earning money from news sites. Here are some of its benefits:

i. It is a great source of income.

ii. You can make it your source of income and earn thousands of dollars.

iii. You can work from home.

iv. You can develop a great network and gain fame.

v. It improves your SEO skills.

vi. It helps you to improve your writing skills.

Similarly, there are many other benefits of creating news websites.

2. What does it cost to create online news?

The answer to this question may surprise you, as you can create your news website for absolutely free. You won’t have to pay a penny to develop a news website through WordPress, you just have to pay for its domain and hosting.

3. What is the requirement to get started with a WordPress news website?

i) A domain name- it will be the name of your website

ii) A web hosting account- a place to store your website

iii) Your full attention to the website

4. Choose your platform

There are various platforms for creating websites nowadays but we suggest you to choose WordPress, as WordPress is a leading platform for creating a powerful website. About more than 90% of websites are powered by WordPress. You can get free plugins, themes, full and free support in WordPress, you also get free hosting on the WordPress website. Here is the list of some major reasons to choose WordPress:

i) Offers various themes and plugins in both free and premium versions.

ii) Free and full support.

iii) Responsive.

iv) Makes your content SEO-friendly.

v) Has translation-ready features.

vi) Easy to install.

vii) Easy to use

If your search to download WordPress, you will see two option i.e. and So, let’s view the differences between these two to determine which is better for you.
You will get free hosting here.You have to pay for domain and hosting.
Contents are limited with terms and conditions.You can do anything and customize as your wish.
Limited plugins.Limitless themes and plugins.

5. Choose the name of your domain and hosting

The next step, after choosing your platform, is to choose your domain name. Let’s discuss what is domain and hosting.

Domain is simply the name of your site. Domain name is a crucial part of your website, it represents the impression of your website. It should be short and unique. Give the domain name a search in search engine. If you don’t find that name being used it’s okay, if you do choose something different.

Hosting is a place where all the informations on your website are stored like files, audios, videos, and contents. After visitor enters your website’s domain name in the address bar of the browser, whatever loads are the contents that are stored in hosting.

You have various choices for hosting from low to high rate. As this article is targeted at beginners we recommend you to choose Siteground . Siteground is popular and cheap hosting, so it’s the best option for beginners.

The choice of hosting depends on you. After choosing the hosting you need to choose your plan, then select your domain name, and enter and confirm your details.

6. WordPress setting

After you are done with the domain name and hosting, it’s time to install WordPress. If you are using SiteGround you can install WordPress in one click or you can easily install WordPress from any other hosting.

To setup, your website, click on ‘start a new website’ and then confirm it. After that, create login detail with a strong id and password. At last, click on complete setup after confirmation of your installation process.

Login to your blog

After installing WordPress, login to your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress dashboard is the page that appears after you log in, you will see many options to customize and create your website blog and contents.

7. Choose the best theme

The theme is essential for creating new websites. You can create your own theme or download any previously built-in theme. The layout of your website is determined by the theme. You can get both premium and free themes but for beginners, we recommend free themes . While creating a news website, you should choose a theme suitable for news websites.

Why choose the free theme?

i) Free of cost

ii) Easy to setup and use

iii) Secure and Customizable

Things to know before choosing theme

i) It should have good readability.

ii) It should be elegant and impressive.

iii) Comment section should be available.

iv) Social sharing options should be available.

8) Adding News

After all steps above, it’s finally time to add news to your site. Now, the important part of a news website is that the news you post should be new, trending, and fact.

Here are the steps of adding news to your website.

i) Go to the WordPress admin panel.

ii) Go to the posts

iii) Click on add new

iv) A blank page will appear where you have to create news

v) Write the title in title and content in title and content section respectively

vi) Add features images from the featured section

vii) And finally, publish your post

9) SEO Customization

After writing the contents, you should customize SEO to make your post appear at top of the browser when someone searches stuff related to your post. Yoast SEO or Rank Math plugins will help you to manage the SEO of your post.

10) Plugins for news website

There are some essential plugins for your news website. Down below there is the list of popular plugins with advanced features.

i) Yoast SEO plugin

ii) Google XML Sitemaps

iii) Contact form 7

iv) Social sharing plugins

v) WP Super Cache


So, these are the steps that are needed to create a news website. Hope this blog has been helpful and you were able to create your own news website without a problem. Checkout our more tutorials by clicking on this link.