Storeship Pro- Review of a Elegant and Stunning Ecommerce WordPress theme (2022)

Storeship Pro is a premium theme developed by AF themes, particularly created for eCommerce-based sites for fashion stores, restaurants, gadget stores, retails, etc. This theme is totally compatible with WooCommerce and it does everything an online shopping site can do.

Ecommerce has been the most efficient way of selling and buying products in present days, and it is going takeover of 90% of sales that will be happening in the upcoming future. So, to evolve with time, extending your business to the internet is the best thing you can do for your business.

In this blog, we are going to review features, pricing, and other areas of Storeship.

Main features of Storeship

Live Editing – While designing your website with Storeship, you can see the preview of the site and how it will look after you go live. If you notice something isn’t quite right, you can always edit it until it’s perfect and then publish it.

Ecommerce friendly Features – It has features or options like : categories and search bar, category options, Slider with Tabbed Products and thumbs, Product Grid/ List/Carousel/Slider, Store Offers/Menu, Product Loop Options, Cart Button.

Advertisement section – Advertisement is a good source of income for any kind of site. You can just earn money by showing advertisements of sponsors on your site. Storeship has separated spaces just for the advertisement. Earning money through the site is made easy.

Compatibility – This theme is WooCommerce compatible. It is also compatible with all browsers and various plugins.

Customizability – It is fully customizable and you can customize all the theme options by going to  Appearance > Customize > Theme Options. You can also control colors, typography, logos, and title options.

SEO optimized – It is built as your content would be easily discoverable by users searching for terms relevant to your website.

Responsive – Site built with Storeship is compatible with any screen size and it maintains its elegant looks from large screens to a small one.

WooCommerce compatible – Compatibility with WooCommerce is essential if you are going to make your site commercial. Storeship theme is compatible with WooCommerce, so this theme helps your business website to grow and do everything an eCommerce site should do.

Multiple Demos – If you want to build a website but you don’t know many things around it or you don’t want to do much work on the site, you can just import its demos and edit its content and make it yours. Storeship provides 6 demos with unique designs, you can import whichever demo you like.

Storeship Pro Demo

Detailed Documentation – It has detailed documentation from installation to customization of theme in both text and video format.


Storeship is available in both Free and Pro version. The free version of Storeship is also amazing but if you want to access a wide variety of features and customizability, We recommend you to use Storeship Pro.

The price of Storeship is quite affordable. Their prices depend upon the plans or license you choose. Its prices and plans are mentioned below respective to the type of license.

Annual license

The plans and prices for the annual license are given in the table below respectively.

Single site$59.00
2 Sites$79.00
5 Sites$99.00
10 Sites$149.00
Unlimited Sites$199.00

Lifetime License

The plans and prices for a lifetime license are given in the table below respectively.


Storeship Free VS Storeship Pro

Let’s compare the differences between the features available in free and pro versions of this theme.

Live editing in CustomizerYesYes
Logo and title customizationYesYes
Typography style and colorsNoYes
Preloader OptionBasicAdvanced
Contact OptionsYesYes
Contact Section FieldsBasicAdvanced
Header LayoutsDefaultDefault and Express
Header Account MenuBasicAdvanced
Header Minicart OptionBasicAdvanced
Header Custom LinkBasicAdvanced
Banner AdvertisementsYesYes
Categories and Search BarYesYes
Top Category Options1 Available4 Options Available
– Categories with Top 3 ProductsYesYes
– Nested Categories ListsNoYes
– Categories with Product Mega ListNoYes
– Selected CategoriesNoYes
Main Banner Content Options3 Page Content, 3 Custom Content5 Page Content, 5 Custom Content
– Default Main BannerYesYes
– Slider with ThumbsNoYes
– Slider with Tabbed ProductsNoYes
– Full Banner SliderNoYes
Frontpage Featured SectionYesYes
– Shop Features and FacilitiesYesYes
– Featured ProductsBasicTabbed with 2 Categories Selection
– Store Offers DisplayYesYes
– Express Product 3 col ListNoYes
Custom Frontpage ContentsYesYes
– Product GridYesYes
– Product ListYesYes
– Product CarouselNoYes
Custom Frontpage Contents Area3 Spots Available5 Spots Available
Interchangeable Custom Frontpage ContentsYesYes
Custom Frontpage Contents with ImageNoYes
Multiple Widgets5 Available15 Available
– Product CarouselYesYes
– Product GridYesYes
– Product ListYesYes
– Product SliderNoYes
– Product Tabbed GridNoYes
– Latest PostsNoYes
– MailChimp SubscriptionNoYes
– Brands CarouselNoYes
– Call to ActionNoYes
– Store FeaturesNoYes
– Store OffersNoYes
– Store TestimonialNoYes
– Social MenuYesYes
– Author BoxYesYes
Multiple Widgets Areas5 Available10 Available
– Frontpage Content Widget AreaYesYes
– Main SidebarYesYes
– Off-Canvas Widget AreaYesYes
– Shop SidebarYesYes
– Single Product SidebarYesYes
– 3 Footer Widgets SectionsYesYes
– Advertisement Widget AreaNoYes
– Above Banner Widget AreaNoYes
– Above Footer Widget AreaNoYes
Frontpage Footer Featured SectionYesYes
– Brand SectionYesYes
– Testimonial SectionNoYes
– Call to Action SectionYesYes
Section Title Note/BadgeYesYes
Product Loop OptionsYesYes
– Toggle Product CategoriesYesYes
– Show Add to Cart Button on HoverYesYes
– Always Show Add to Cart ButtonNoYes
– Toggle Empty Rating DisplayYesYes
– 2 Column Products Option for Mobile DevicesNoYes
Custom Sale TextsYesYes
Custom Add to Cart Texts FieldsOnly for Simple ProductFor Simple, Variable, Grouped, External Products
Advanced Shop Page OptionsYesYes
– 3/4 Columns OptionsYesYes
– Products Per PageNoYes
– Toggle Product SortingNoYes
Advanced Single Product OptionsYesYes
– Toggle Related ProductsYesYes
– Related Products per RowYesYes
– No. of Related ProductsNoYes
– Toggle Product Zoom OptionsNoYes
– Gallery Thumbnails ColumnsNoYes
– Toggle Review TabNoYes
Secure Payment Badge OptionYesYes
Hide Theme Credit LinkNoYes
Responsive LayoutYesYes
Translations ReadyYesYes
SupportYesHigh Priority Dedicated Support


Overall, Storeship Pro has every feature you need in a ecommerce theme. It has awesome widgets, amazing support, advanced shop page options, and multiple widget area. When you purchase Storeship you can get refund till 30 days, so you can give it a try and see what kind of theme it is by yourself. It is translation, RTL ready, and adaptable to any device.